Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (2024)

Culver’s Flavor Of The Day

Culver’s Flavor of the Day (Today’s Specials): In case you’re unaware that frozen Custard is frozen Custard made of egg yolks. The Custard is created by machines on the spot and isn’t stored in tubs like ice cream.

Each device can make one flavour per Day. Therefore Culver’s has come up with the ability to rotate flavours, which gives you a different choice every Day. Culver’s offers three flavours every Day: chocolate, vanilla and the “Flavor of the day”.

Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (1)

The Flavor of the Day varies depending on the location, And you can find the new flavours available this month and in the upcoming month by visiting Culver’s Flavor of the Day.

Culvers Menu Prices is also a wonderful option if you are finding food.

Enter the city name, state, or zip code, select the location, and then the entire Flavors of the Day list for the next two months will be accessible to see.

The flavours are freshly made all Day long, but Culver’s doesn’t offer any price reductions on these flavours.

Culver’s Flavor of the day Menu and Prices

Cake Cone or Dish1 Scoop$2.29
Cake Cone or Dish2 Scoop$2.99
Cake Cone or Dish3 Scoop$3.59
Waffle Cone1 Scoop$2.79
Waffle Cone2 Scoop$3.49
Waffle Cone3 Scoop$4.09

Culver’s unveils Two New ‘Flavor of the Day’ options

With the addition of two more selections, Culver’s Flavor of the Day menu has been enlarged. Peach Crisp with Espresso Toffee Bar.

The Culver’s menu development team reportedly put the new flavours through a rigorous testing process to make sure that both they and the restaurant’s patrons share the same high standards for taste and quality.

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On July 10, the Espresso Toffee Bar will make its debut in Culver’s restaurants all around the country.

On August 10, Peach Crisp will be the next step. The new flavours will be offered at all 850 or so Culver’s locations.

More about the flavours is below:

Espresso Toffee Bar: A thick, freshly frozen custard with a rich espresso flavour that is mixed with dulce de leche sauce, salty Heath Bar pieces, and gooey slices of butter cake.

Peach Crisp: Sweet peaches, dulce de leche sauce, and granola crumble are swirled together with carefully mixed fresh frozen custard from Culver’s.

Culver’s Latest Flavors of the Day

Culver releases fresh flavours for their deliciously smooth frozen Custard. We’ve sampled all of them and learned what we liked best and when you can have these for yourself.

We were given an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience inside Culver’s Sauk City, WI test kitchen, where professional chefs have worked tirelessly to perfect six new and delicious flavours of Custard frozen.

For those unfamiliar with the deliciousness of Culver’s frozen Custard, this sweet dairy dessert contains fatter than conventional ice cream. It is made using real egg yolks, making it richer and tastier.

Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (2)

Custard that is frozen is served 15 degrees cooler than ice cream. This makes it more creamy, simpler to eat more likely not to freeze your taste buds! Culver’s available and new Flavors

Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (3)

We first tried the brand new Cappuccino Cookie Crumble, which blends the flavours of cold espresso brew, crispy cookie chunks and a candy shell ribbon chocolate.

The resultant flavours will satisfy the palate of any person who enjoys tiramisu. And the real coffee provides an additional caffeine boost. Culver’s new Flavors of the Day.

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Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (4)

To be served in Culver’s restaurants will be Blackberry Cobbler Custard frozen. This delicious dessert combines real blackberries, sugar, crisp cinnamon granola, and a Custard made of vanilla.

It’s a refreshing and refreshing dessert that conjures images of freshly baked blackberry pie. This is, in other words, amazing, and it comes out with a soaring score as our top flavour. Flavour. Culver’s New Flavors of the Day.

Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (5)

Incorporating a salted caramel swirl, the hard shell chocolate and vanilla custard and delicious Bavarian pretzel pieces, Chocolate Pretzel Crunch arrives. Each bite provides the perfect blend of salty, sweet, soft, and chewy.

Did you know you can get every ingredient when you eat Culver’s hand-crafted custards? Culver’s New Flavors of the Day

Two delicious desserts meet at first in brand new Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. It has a creamy and delicious peanut butter custard with pieces made of cookie dough with chocolate chips and peanuts to add a bit of crunch.

Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (6)

It’s akin to a Butterfinger bar, and that’s fine for us. Culver’s new Flavors of the Day

When Culver’s restaurants began serving Dark Chocolate Decadence, as simple as ice cream with dark chocolate sounds, it took the entire 18-month period for the chefs to perfect this recipe just right, mixing four different kinds of cocoa to create an amazing and delicious dessert which you’ll keep coming back to when it’s available.

Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (7)

It’s our second most-loved new flavour, just like the blackberry Cobbler. Culver’s New Flavors of the Day

Peanut Butter Salted Caramel blends delicious sweet peanut butter custard Salted Caramel Ribbon and peanuts to create the most delicious and crunchy dessert that is perfect for all peanut lovers.

Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (8)

If you Owned an elephant, he’d gobble Up the entire thing before you even had the chance to take the first bite. Culver’s New Flavors of the Day.

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Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (9)

This is the first time each Culver’s restaurant will be offering every new Day flavour on the same Day. Keep in mind the local eatery’s Flavor of the Day listing to see when they’ll be back or learn more about the additional 50 flavours they create.

  • Culver’s Corporate Office Address:1240 Water Street, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578
  • Culver’s Corporate Phone Number:608-643-7982
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FAQ – Culver’s Flavor of the Day

Can you get Culver’s Flavor of the Day as a concrete mixer?

Choose from Vanilla, Chocolate, or the Flavor of the Day, and 2 Mix-ins are free. For an extra fee, add more.

What is the difference between custard and ice cream at Culver’s?

Milk, cream, And pasteurised egg yolks are the main ingredients Of custard, which must include at least 1.4 per cent egg to be considered authentic custard. If it’s any less, it’s simply ice cream.

How does Culver’s make their Flavor of the day?

luscious and creamy Fresh Frozen Custard, prepared throughout the day in small batches, serves as the foundation.

We incorporate mix-ins like traditional candies, all-time favourites, natural fruit, and salted nuts to create distinctive and delectable signature flavours.

What are Culver’s concrete mixers made of?

Concrete Mixers are made with fresh vanilla or chocolate frozen custard and your choice of over 30 mix-ins.

Does Culver’s have strawberry custard?

Handcrafted with Culver’s Fresh Frozen Custard, made with farm fresh dairy, plump strawberries and milk.

Why does Culvers taste so good?

Made in small slow-churned batches throughout the day, the frozen custard is rich, creamy and delicious.

Culver's Flavor of the Day | Today's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Specials (2024)


Can you get a pint of the Flavor of the day at Culver's? ›

Take home Culver's custard to enjoy whenever you want by picking up a pint from your restaurant's freezer or asking to get a pint or quart of the featured Flavor of the Day to go.

How is Culver's custard different from ice cream? ›

In fact, the distinction is even written into law. Custard is made from a combination of milk, cream and pasteurized egg yolks, and in order to be true custard, it has to be at least 1.4 percent egg. Anything less than that, and it's just ice cream. Discover why we craft in small batches.

Can you get the Flavor of the day in a concrete mixer? ›

Choose a Concrete Mixer® or Sundae, with your choice of 2 Mix-ins or Toppings included. Add more for an additional charge. Choose Vanilla, Chocolate or Flavor of the Day with your choice of 2 Mix-ins included.

How now is brown cow custard Flavor? ›

And How Now, Brown Cow is actually our chocolate fresh frozen custard infused with our signature Culver's root beer and swirled in with dove chocolate and chocolate cake pieces. So definitely delicious,” said Demmer. Learn more about Culver's Scoops of Thanks Day here.

What is the most unhealthy thing at Culvers? ›

The Bratwurst Pub Burger at Culver's is considered unhealthy due to its high calorie and fat content, as well as its high sodium content, Chun comments. "One serving of the Bratwurst Pub Burger contains 1,010 calories, 65 grams of fat (28 grams of saturated fat), and 2,100 milligrams of sodium.

Why is Culvers custard so good? ›

Culver's custard is made fresh each day in small batches

The restaurant's frozen custard is made in small batches and slow-churned to perfection, multiple times a day. No matter what flavor or custard treat you order, you know you are getting a product that has been made that very day.

What is Culvers custard made of? ›

Vanilla Frozen Custard [Milk, Cream, Skim Milk, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Egg Yolk, Guar Gum, Mono & Diglycerides, Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan, Natural and Artificial Vanilla Flavor], Pecan Pieces [Vegetable Oil (Peanut, Cottonseed, Soybean and/or Sunflower Seed), Sea Salt], Salted Caramel [Corn Syrup, Sweetened Condensed ...

Can concrete mix go bad? ›

Why Does Concrete Mix Expire? Concrete mix can be considered to expire when water is added to the cement in the concrete mix. This reaction causes the cement particles to bind together and form a solid material, giving concrete its strength and durability for your construction projects.

Is Culver's custard healthy? ›

Culver's custard is not exactly a healthy option

The dish contains 14 grams of fat in total, nine of which are saturated fats. With 95 milligrams of cholesterol and 29 grams of sugar, a cup of chocolate custard is not exactly a diet-friendly food. Add a cone on top of that, and the overall dish is pretty heavy.

Which flavor of custard is best? ›


Vanilla custard is renowned for its delightful balance of creamy richness and tasty vanilla flavour, making it a popular custard flavour worldwide. The smooth texture of the custard is complemented by the unique flavour of vanilla, creating a comforting mouthwatering taste.

Is frozen custard a southern thing? ›

Although frozen custard is believed to have originated in New York in the early 20th century, it eventually found its home in the Midwest, specifically Milwaukee, Wisconsin—the unofficial “Frozen Custard Capital of the World,” with more custard stands per-capita than you can find anywhere else.

Is frozen custard creamier than ice cream? ›

The two sweet treats are often mistaken for each other, but there are distinct characteristics to each. While ice cream is light, airy, and creamy, frozen custard is way denser and creamier.

Why does Culver's not put ice in their root beer? ›

Growing up, Culver's co-founder Craig Culver loved nothing more than to enjoy a nice, crisp and refreshing Root Beer at his local carhop during the summer. Over the years, he learned to savor its delicious flavor even more by asking for it cold, but without ice, so it wouldn't melt and water down any of the taste.

What's the difference between ice cream and custard? ›

The main difference between frozen custard and ice cream is that frozen custard is made with egg yolks and ice cream is not, giving the former a richer flavor and mouthfeel. Some ice creams are made with egg yolks, however, which would technically make them custards based on the USDA guidelines.

What is the biggest culvers? ›

Eating at the World's Largest Culver's has to be on every Midwestern bucket list! Culver's in Newville is the largest of the beloved fast-food restaurant group and features a conference room available to rent for private events.

What is midnight toffee at Culver's? ›

Espresso-infused Dark Chocolate Fresh Frozen Custard topped with crunchy bits of Heath Bar and novelty chocolate.


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